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From the maker

Kádár Krisztián
Iron sculptureist, creator of the vasemberke !

I was born in budapest, working with metal since 1997. first time i see similar item, it was from spain, a street artist made it.influenced by this , i started to spread my wings, and the first items was born.gived them to family, and friends.by the time i become an expert of the vasemberke.

I was a member of a local salsa dance club, where after my moves my sculptures was even bigger success.It made me think the first time to make money from my passion! Made a facebook page in 2013,and first exibition in 2015.And here we are.

the best feeling when i hand over personally the sculptures,and the customer smiles and sais ” its exactly what i wanted!!” this gives a boost for my next sculpture, and moves me forward.telling me i am on the right path.these gifts truly for a lifetime.